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School of International Education
2012-09-06 03:34:00

School of International Education was established in 2012 February. It is responsible for the development of students, language training, daily management of specialized agencies of Anhui Agriculture University and united with the school of international office. In 2011, Anhui Agricultural University is approved for the Ministry of education to accept the Chinese government scholarship students qualified. In 2012 the first batch of Chinese government scholarship arrived.

The college to enroll foreign students categories are: short term Chinese refresher course, long-term Chinese language course, the school 's existing professional undergraduate, graduate students, doctoral students. Students from the United States, Vietnam, Niger, Benin, Congo ( gold ), Rwanda, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea and other countries.

Each school or department is responsible for teaching and research of students and visiting scholars. School of International Education is responsible for the management of student daily life.